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Sunday, January 24, 2016

Best 5 Soccer Players Of The 90's

1. Ronaldo
The best player of the 90's is the Brazilian Ronaldo. In his first club when he was just 17 years old, he scored 44 goals in 47 games for Cruzeiro. Then he went to PSV where he scored 54 goals in 58 games. Then when he joined Barcelona he was top scorer in his only season and won the FIFA wolf player of the year. He scored 47 goals in 49 games in all competitions. When he joined Inter he won the world player of they year again. During his time with Inter he made it to the final of the world cup.

2. Rivaldo
Rivaldo started getting noticed when he was at Palmeiras. When he was 23 years old in 1996 he went Deportivo La Coruna and was a starting 11 player. He scored 21 league goals in his only season and then he went to Barcelona. Before he went to Barcelona he won the Confederations cup with Brazil. In his first season with Barcelona he was second top goalscorer in the league with 19 goals although he was a midfielder. After that he season he was one of Brazil's star players as they made it to the final of the world cup. In 1999 Rivaldo won the FIFA World player of the year. He scored good goals and had a great dribbling technique.

3. Zinedine Zidane
Zinedine Zidane was a wonderkid with Bordeaux from 1992-1996. He was Ligue 1 player of the year when he was 24. When Juventus he was known for his elegance, vision, ball control and technique. In the 1998 world cup Zinedine Zidane was 26 he was the main player for France has they won the world cup and beat Brazil 3-0 in the final. He won Fifa world player of the year in 1998.

4. Roberto Baggio
Roberto Baggio starred for the Italian team that went third in the 1990 world cup then went to Juventus for at the time a world record 8 million. In his first season he scored 14 league goals and 12 league assists. Roberto Baggio would play behind the forwards and while being an outstanding playmaker he could score goals and play as a striker. In his second season he scored 18 goals and created 8 assists in the league. In his third season he scored 17 goals and made 8 assists. In the 1994 world cup he was arguably the best player in the tournament. In the final he missed a penalty which made Italy lose the final of the cup. He won Fifa world player of the year 1993.

5. Romario 
Romario scored 24 goals in 25 games in the 1990-91 season for PSV. He continued scoring for PSV for 2 seasons until 1993-94 season when he joined the Barcelona dream team. He got the Pichici trophy for scoring 30 goals in 34 games. Things got better for Romario as he won the world cup for Brazil and he was their main player. The next season for the second half of the season, Romario moved to Flamengo and stayed for two seasons. He was troubled by injury for the rest of his career but had successful spells at Vasco da gama and Flamengo. He won the FIFA World player of the year in 1994.

Thursday, January 21, 2016

Good Players who did bad at a Club

These players were good players but when they went to a particular club they just weren't good.

Stan Collymore-Aston Villa
At Nottingham Forest he was one of the best strikers in England he attracted lots of transfers interest. He was known for his 41 goals in 65 games. He was also known for not scoring tap ins but always scoring good looking goals. He moved to Liverpool where he didn't replicate the same form but was always decent scoring 28 goals in 64 games. But when he went to Aston Villa things were different. In 3 seasons, he scored 7 goals in 46 games.

Tomas Brolin-Leeds and Crystal Palace
When Tomas Brolin was at Parma he was the world's most underrated striker. In the 1994 world cup he lead Sweden to the semifinals and he won the European cup winners cup with Parma. Because of the signing of Hristo Stoichkov, Tomas Brolin departed for Leeds. At Leeds is physical condition he gained a lot of weight. He played just 20 games in 2 seasons and scored 4 goals. He also had two unsuccessful loan spells at Zurich and Parma. He then moved to Crystal Palace where he didn't last a whole season. He played 13 games and scored 0 goals.

Adolfo Valencia-Atletico Madrid
Adolfo Valencia played 156 games for Independiente Santa Fe and scored 56 goals. He was then signed by Bayern Munich which in his only season was Bayern's top scorer with 11 goals when Bayern won the league. He only played 26 games in the season. He then signed for Atletico Madrid. He was performing badly in games, the club president had a huge fall out with Adolfo. After a match against Logrones the club president said 'the black guy needs his throat cut'. He was also known at PAOK because Sunderland tried to sign him but accidentally got his strike partner Milton Nunez instead.

There are many more Jean Pierre-Papin at Milan, Denilson at Real Betis, Branco at Middlesbrough, Salah Assad at PSG and Des Walker at Sampdoria.

Monday, January 18, 2016

Best Ever Brazilian Players

In 1999 he won the Ballon d'or and won the world cup in 2002. He was know for his dribbling skill for Barcelona and he is one of the world's most decorated players ever. He was also known for his free kick ability and his success in only a 3 season-spell with Olympiacos. 

In 2004 and 2005 Ronaldinho won the Fifa World Player of The Year. He won the world cup in 2002. He was known to be one of the most skilled tricksters in world football. He is a club legend at Barcelona.

Branco was a left back who was known for his free kicks. He won the world cup in 1994. He is a club legend at Genoa where he scored a few free kicks. He is famous also for scoring one of the best free kicks in history against Netherlands in 1994.

Pele is known as the world's greatest player ever. He scored the more goals than anyone scoring over 1000 goals in his career (including friendlies).  He won the world cup a record 3 times (but didn't appear in the final of 1962) and when he played for the New York Cosmos he made other international players come to play in America. He mainly played is career with Santos.

Gerson is known as probably the most underrated player of all time (because he didn't make into the best 100 players of all time, made by Pele himself). He was the creator in the 1970 Brazil world cup triumph and at the time got little credit. He is also known for his amazing left foot, being the best player in the 1970 final and for his success at Botafogo.

Cafu is known for being one of the best right backs in the history of the game, with mainly his attacking skills while also being able to defend. He is the only player to appear in 3 world cup finals. In 1994 he came on in the final (and they won),  in 1998 he started in the final (which they unfortunately lost) and he started in the 2002 world cup final (which they won). He is known for his time at Milan and Roma.

Ronaldo is a player who won the player of the year award at the time a record 3 times in 1996, 1997 and 2002. He is known as one of the greatest players of all time. He had an extremely good conversion rate at Cruzeiro, PSV and Barcelona. He won the World cup in 1994 and 2002 but didn't appear in the 1994 final.

Roberto Carlos
Roberto Carlos is a left back who is known for his banana bending free kicks. In 1997, he was runner-up for Fifa world player of the Year which is strange for a defender. He is known as the most attacking full back of all time. He won the world cup in 2002. He won many trophies at Real Madrid and at Real Madrid he assisted the goal that Zidane scored in Champions league final known has the best goal in history.

Romario was one of the most prolific strikers of all time. He scored over 1000 goals (including friendlies in his career). He was the star player for Brazil in the 1994 world cup triumph. He scored 96 league goals in 107 games for PSV which is very impressive. In is only season with Barcelona he was top scorer in La Liga with 30 goals in 33 games.

Zico was an attacking midfielder who was nicknamed 'The White Pele' for a good reason. At Flamengo he was known for his amazing bending free kicks. He was the best player in the world in the late 70's and early 80's. He also starred for Udinese in the two seasons he was there. But he complained about the board not signing competitive players.

Yes is name was Socrates named after the Greek philosopher. Socrates was a star in the 1982 Brazil World Cup campaign but they only made it to the semi finals. He was a playmaker making exceptional passing.

In the 1962 World Cup when Pele was injured, Garrincha was the star of the triumph with his strange dribbling. He is known has the best dribbler ever. He was a club legend at Botafogo. He was 29 during the 1962 World Cup so he didn't get to go to the 1970 World Cup.

Bebeto was a small striker but had an amazing goalscoring instinct. He won the world cup in 1994 with Brazil and was the top scorer in the 1989 Copa America. In his first season at his main club Deportivo La Coruna he was the top scorer in the league with 29 goals. He scored 86 league goals in 131 games for the club.

Dunga was criticised in 1990 for ruining Brazil's chance because they only made it to the Round of 16 which was their worst performance since 1966. He was captain of Brazil in 1994 and they won the cup. He had redeemed himself. In the tournament he was their midfield general. His main club was Fiorentina.

Leonardo was a star player in Brazil's 1994 world cup triumph. He was suspended in the tournament for elbowing Tab Ramos. He was a star player with Milan during their 1998-99 season. Leonardo was known for his tactical intelligence, technical skills and vision.

Adair was a star defender with Brazil which won the world cup in 1994. He is a club legend for Roma playing 13 seasons at centre back. He was a captain at Roma. He had great vision, technical skills and good passing range. He is a good tackler and he was a good header.

Denilson may have been a substitute in 2002 and broke the transfer but turning out to be a major flop. But one thing is for sure he has talent. He was an exceptional dribbler, he used the step over move all the time. He was an exceptionally good left-footed player.

Wednesday, January 6, 2016

The Peanuts Movie: Review

Name: The Peanuts Movie

Main Characters: Charlie Brown, Snoopy, Linus, The Little Red-haired Girl and Patty

Main Actors: Noah Schnapp (Charlie Brown), Bill Melendez (Snoopy), Alexander Garfin (Linus), Francesca Capaldi (The Little Red-Haired Girl) and Anastasia Bredikhina (Patty)

My Rating: 3 and 1/2 stars

Overview: Charlie Brown is a unlucky person and has many misfortunes. When a new kid moves in across the street he thinks that he can start fresh. He ends up falling in love with the Little Red-Haired Girl and tries to impress her by becoming a winner. But he realises that being a naturally being  good person was enough to impress the girl.

Wednesday, July 29, 2015



The Akohekohe is Critically Engandered on the IUCN Red List. It is endemic to the island Maui in Hawaii. There are 3,800 individual Akohekohe birds on the island of Maui. The habitat it inhabits is the trees called acacia koa. Akohekohe lived in the east side of Moloka’i. The bird was common on both islands until the start of the 20th century. It was thought to be extinct after that, until in 1945 a few individuals were found in a reserve in Maui. The population continues to decrease due to deforestation, rats which attack adult and chicks/eggs, another threat was because of the Akohekohe’s unusual appearance, it made it a bird for collectors to have, the last two threats are mosquitoes and invasive birds. There are now fences keeping out feral ungulates (pigs and goats). A captive breeding programme has started with 6 eggs already hatching. There has been a project (starting in 2013) in which they are observing the behaviour of the Akohekohe.


Info From: ĽAkohekohe

Photo URL:

Tuesday, October 28, 2014

Gooty Tarantula

The Gooty Tarantula lives in central India, south-western India and Sri Lanka. If it is young it gets fed crickets and the common fruit fly. When adults they eat anoles and mice.

The Gooty Tarantula is Critically Endangered on the IUCN (International Union for Conservation of Nature) Red List.

The Gooty Tarantula is threatened by habitat loss and pet trade.

Other names for Gooty Tarantula are Gooty Sapphire Ornamental Tree Spider, Gooty Sapphire, Metallic Tarantula, Peacock Parchute Spider, Peacock Tarantula and Salepurgu.

The Gooty Tarantula reflects a metallic blue colour.

Adult Gooty Tarantulas cost 500 american dollars.

Sunday, August 24, 2014

Did You Know

2 of the 3 types of Island Thrush in Australia are extinct.

Thursday, August 21, 2014

Wednesday, August 20, 2014

Did You Know...

That Black Rat has driven to extinction to subspecies of Island Thrush.

Tuesday, August 19, 2014

Did You Know...

That the Yellow-Crested Cockatoo lives in Indonesia and that Australia's yellow-crested cockatoo is called the Sulphur-Crested Cockatoo.